Canned Sardine Cooker Flashcook

For continuous cooking and drying of canned fish.

Equipment designed for the continuous cooking and drying of already canned fish.

The canned fish is cooked with the container upside down, allowing the draining of fat and water during the cooking process and the drying of the fish and the container, obtaining a final product of higher quality, presence and flavor.

The cans are loaded in grills and these are manually introduced into the continuous cooker.

Available in different sizes according to the required production.

Very versatile since it supports any type of format, being able to cook even fish on the grills.

Optional drying zone depending on the type of product to be processed.

Equipped with independent temperature selector for cooking and drying zone, with the option of graphic recorders and temperature probes.

Design that guarantees energy efficiency:

  • Equipped with closed steam coil in the drying area and trap for condensate recovery.
  • Automatic temperature control and modulated steam inlet valves.
  • Thermal insulation in all its surroundings.
  • Recovery of oils and fats generated during cooking, for later use for other uses.
  • Available in several models from 1 body to 6 bodies.
  • Construction in stainless steel AISI-304 or AISI-316.
  • CE Certificate.