Racks and Boxes Washer Machine

System for washing grills and plastic boxes by means of a pressurized water shower.

Available in different models depending on the type of dirt adhering, production speed required and racks or bucket format.

Available models with washing and rinsing, with prewash and even with double washing.

  • Water heating by steam coil located in the tank.
  • Water recirculation system for lower consumption.
  • Available with manual filter or self-cleaning rotary filter that protects the pump and the entire water impulse circuit, avoiding any obstruction due to its micraje.
  • The rotary filter is driven by a reducer motor assembly and incorporates a scraping system that facilitates the expulsion of solids to the exterior.
  • Several models available with productions between 300 hour grills and 3,000 hour grills.
  • Built in stainless steel AISI-304, AISI-304 L.
  • CE Certificate.

Additional / optional accessories:

  • Motorized return of racks.
  • Return by roller ramp.
  • Detergent or disinfectant dispenser installed in the machine itself.
  • Smoke extraction hood / chimney.